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I turn, time to time, from a world out of order to reclaim my sensuous bearings with the natural world I once knew as a young girl.  There, and far away from the madness that lived indoors, I awakened to a world of magic and wildness where the muscular limbs of a Willow tree carried me into the vastness of space, a wise wizard spoke from the hollowed interior of a decaying stump, and a shallow, rocky brook flowed along a path to the mossy, green mound of land we called our "New Zealand." In solitude or with best friends, we shared our secrets with each other and the earth whispered its knowledge with us.  We came of age while civilization encroached upon the woodlands. Since childhood, my curiosity has taken me to new places, each embodying their own earthy eco-system intelligences and populated by diverse members of the human ethnosphere. Nomading through the terrain of a local landscape, its watershed, community of plants, animals and soils, and listening to the stories, dreams and visions carried by the people who inhabit these places, I have become a more perceiving human being.  With increased perception comes more responsibility:  caring and for protecting this animate landscape we call Earth, our shared home. 


I have over thirty years of teaching experience in K-12 schools and in Higher Ed in co-disciplinary areas that include social, cultural and environmental justice education. I taught in the Women's Studies Program at the University of New Hampshire with an emphasis on Women and Peace, Gender, Sustainability and Development in indigenous communities. As a faculty at Western New Mexico University - Gallup Graduate Studies Center, I directed field supervision for teachers in Navajo and Zuni schools, taught courses in the Elementary and Secondary Education Program, and supervised the Returning Peace Corps Fellows.  As the Director of Education at The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education in New York City, I facilitated transformative learning opportunities for teachers and school systems to shift their thinking about how to prepare youth to contribute to a sustainable future. Woven throughout my professional experiences with children, youth and adults is art integration and multicultural literacy.  When not in the classroom, raising children or walking the dog, I have been making jewelry and showing at galleries for over 20 years.   I presently live in southern Maine after nomading between the seacoast of New Hampshire, the bustle of New York City and the northwest corner of New Mexico for the past five years and exploring the boundaries and depths of my artistic self while continuing to work for social and environmental justice. My greatest joy are my five adult children, their significant others and their beautiful children.

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